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Our Team



A determined leader with a passion for success. Through hard work, dedication and determination she manage to became a Managing Director for two companies at Yuela Gold Sdn bhd & Cobra Force Sdn Bhd since 2007 and 1992 respectively. As a proud Kelantanese she have been living her dreams and inspiring others to find their path. With over 20 years of experience in business management and security business, she have been making connections and expanding her knowledge to make a real difference in her career. She then started a film production house, D’Ayu Pictures Sdn bhd to delivered some meaningful films and creating stories that inspire. Dato'Rosmarayu Mokhtar life motto is “A busy, vibrant, goal-oriented woman is so much more attractive than a woman who waits around for a man to validate her existence.”


Chief Executive Officer

The eldest daughter or inheritor for Dato' Rosmarayu Mokhtar and also the Chief Operating Officer for all subcompany under Dato' Rosmarayu Mokhtar including Dayu Pictures Sdn Bhd, Cobra Force Sdn bhd and more of their ongoing business. She received her BA (Hons) International Business Marketing from Taylors University in Malaysia. She has been continuing her family business since graduate and already gain so much experience in managing the company during all those times. She deliver the idea of producing her own cosmetics product to educate the important of beauty to others. Hardworking is the key to every successful person and we should never give up on ourselves.


Chief Operating Officer

She started her career in 1996, Since then, She have spent more than 24 years working as makeup artist and monster makers, special effects makeup artist , including as a character designer and sculptor. During this time, She have been involved with productions, prosthetic make- up and visual effects sculpture.